I have seen the AM/FM band play at galas and private parties and they are the difference between having an ordinary event and having an event that people will remember. They simply are one of the hottest bands out there - it's like having this amazing concert just for you and your guests!

Dan Doran
Country Club of Louisiana Living and Lifestyles of Santa Maria magazines

Robinson Brothers has used the AM/FM band for smaller private parties at L'auberge as well as for some of our larger employee and customer appreciation events. Our most recent event in March had about 500 guests and we have had non-stop feedback as to how great our party was and especially as to how great the band was...

Chip Robinson
Robinson Brothers Ford Lincoln

What sets the AM/FM band apart from other bands is that they are so in the now... Yes, they play a lot of classic staple rock songs that really move people, but they seem to have this amazing ability to play countless current Top 40 songs which really get guests excited. Everyone expects the same old same old from typical bands - AM/FM is simply a cut above and they make parties memorable

Pam Matassa
Event Coordinator, Publisher, Television Personality