About AM / FM Band

Many of you already know the AM/FM Band as being one of the hottest cover bands in Louisiana (you can click on their ten song sampler mix right on our home page, inside of the iconic AM/FM radio player!). The sampler mix was recorded at the legendary Fudge Studios in New Orleans (thanks Jack Miele, you're the best!). What many don't know is the background of the AM/FM Band, and it's a true rock 'n' roll love story. The band (formerly known as Addavoy and Another Big Machine) started out as an incredibly popular rock band hailing from Gonzales and Baton Rouge, and then the roller coaster ride of life happened... The band got buzz, and made it to LA and the larger than life Hollywood music scene. They were flown out to Hollywood by Jason Hollis of Mod Royal Records, where they showcased at legendary Sunset Strip haunts, such as The Roxy, The Key Club, and even Johnny Depp's The Viper Room (before he sold his share in the club). The AM FM Band After showcasing their talents, the band signed with an independent label and toured the country, with stops in New York, Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Dallas, and, of course, Los Angeles. Their first single under Another Big Machine was “Where We Belong" and featured Kyle Cook, lead guitarist of Matchbox 20. However, many locals recognize their song “Sedated" as being the most popular because of the viral YouTube acoustic performance of the song by lead singer Justin McCoy when he had an impromptu backstage performance in New York with American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis (Ironically Justin himself would end up making it as an American Idol Hollywood finalist a few years later). Over the years the band had a breakup here and there, had some solo ventures, and after a long time on the road "pursuing the dream", they decided to return to South Louisiana. The band recently decided to focus on their true love which is to cover multiple artists as it showcases their versatility, and they pride themselves on being the premiere cover band in the area! Tired of the same old worn out set lists? Never worry about that with the AM/FM Band! Their set list certainly has a number of timeless rock classics, but more importantly they always stay current with numerous top 40 favorites from the hottest bands in the world - make your event memorable! The AM/FM Band specializes in corporate events, private parties, and they are one of the hottest wedding bands in the region! The band limits their performances to only two to three engagements per month - call or email now to book! (Remember Christmas and year end events book fast and well in advance, don't delay)!