Let Louisiana's hottest cover band make your next event memorable!

The AM/FM Band is Louisiana's hottest and most dynamic cover band! If you're looking to make your next private party or corporate event an affair to remember, we've got you covered! Besides being one of the absolute hottest and most in demand bands in the area, you'll appreciate the fact that all The AM/FM Band members are professional and polite and quite simply a cut above the rest! Remember, what separates the AM/FM band apart from other bands is our attention to detail and our song list. We are constantly in studio practicing and rehearsing - so we play not only timeless iconic rock songs on our set list but also current and relevant top 40 songs - this is why our events move people and are memorable!


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The AM/FM band gets a high volume of requests to perform at weddings, and we love to do them - some of our most memorable events are weddings, and our band is for those that want a great vibe and a really memorable time for their guests, so please note the next paragraph!

The AM/FM band is for those that don't want the same old worn out bands and song lists at their reception! We don't do the chicken dance and we don't do the macarena - what you get is a fantastic private concert for your guests!  Our band offers a truly fun and memorable experience - if you want people to remember your reception as the most fun they have had at a wedding ever, then we are your band!  The band completely understands etiquette, and any special requests for attire etc will certainly be honored, and we can also Ipod DJ any specialty songs that you may desire for your reception. 

The Am/Fm band will go over a complete checklist with you to make sure your wedding is perfect! Listen to our song sampler to see how we rock it! Your guests will love you for having a truly memorable reception!

* Note - Christmas and New Years events book early so please plan ahead!  The AM/FM Band is available to play anywhere in Louisiana - Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe and anywhere in between. If you have a special event outside of Louisiana please contact us - road trip!